Living in an Age of Catastrophe
It all makes perfect sense now. Hold on to each other, we will be witnessing a cataclysmic event and soon our souls will be unified once again in the great oneness.

It is no coincidence that you were born and that you are living in this age. Let us talk about probabilities. It is estimated that the whole universe contains about 1021 planets. That is a 1 with 21 zeros. As far as we know life exists on only one of those planets - Earth. It is also estimated that about 107 billion people have lived on this planet before us. This means that there are 15 dead people for every person living. You are pretty lucky to be alive. By the way, only half of out planet's population even has access to the Internet.

You were born and you are living in an age of rapid transformation. One could argue that mainly because of climate change, conflict and wars, mankind will go extinct in the near future - and guess what - you are caught right in the middle. Let me ask you, what is the probability for all of these things happening at exactly this time? The probability is close to zero and thus your very existence can not be an accident. You are here to witness the most dramatic event in the history of mankind - its destruction. But do not despair. Keep on reading.

This is about a reflection of our present state and our ability to change it. We can become part of a new age, an age of equality and peace and justice. We have the power to take control of our own lives. We have the power to change who we are and the world we create. This new era is now - the age of enlightenment. Many say that we have made reason more powerful than we can imagine. We can not agree more, because reason has made it much easier for people to incite conflict and to destroy the world, our world. To be free from reason, that is the fundamental freedom for which we are all striving. In the age of enlightenment, we can create everything that we want to create. We can be everything that we want to be. We can create a new way of living. And that is freedom. And equality is a core part of that freedom.

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